Thursday, July 9, 2015

New video!

New video up on my youtube! Check it out!

Anyone know how to set up 1080p HD on youtube??


Friday, June 19, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hey again

Hi again! So I decided to take this blog up again as an update blog. I won't be posting on here much, but I wanted to take this up as a human-run blog where I post pictures I can't use in photo stories, as well as youtube updates. I hope you guys enjoy!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

We Moved Blogs

Hello everyone! We switched blogs today. Our new one is: Seven Little Daisies. We hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

~Sisterly Love~ a photoshoot

Hello everyone, May here. So this photo shoot was taken before it snowed, but we hadn't managed to get these pictures up until now. I hope you enjoy! (And yes, I know we have done a lot of photo shoots lately).

Yeah, our owner's dog decided to join us. :)


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day!!!

Hi everyone, Bella here. Guess what? Today we had a SNOW DAY! I was so excited to get up and play in the snow. Enjoy this photo shoot. 

I ventured outside, bracing the cold. 

It was snowing, and it wasn't long before my hair was sprinkled with the little flakes. 

It was just beautiful outside. 

But nothing beats heading back inside for some hot chocolate!

P.S. Do you like my new sign-off?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Lottie!

Hi everyone! So I meant to post this on the actual day of my birthday, which was a week ago (last monday) but I don't really know what happened…oops. Anyway, be ready for a picture-heavy post. Also, sorry about the weird lighting, our house is being re-done, and that made these pictures turn out a bit odd.

It was the weekend, so I slept in. I was just finishing my dream when I started to hear whispers. 
 "Should we wake her up?"
"Nah, she's tired from soccer practice."
"Well I don't want to wait much longer--"
"Hey, this was your idea."

"Guys, what is going on?" I asked sleepily.

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they all shouted. 
"Whoa, thank you all!" exclaimed, looking around.

"Here, we made you breakfast." May said, setting down a tray on my lap.
"Yum, thanks!" I smiled, bringing the warm cup to my lips.

"Open your presents!" Kit gestured to the table.

"Wow…" I breathed.

"Open mine first." Lanie plopped a gift down onto my lap.

Ooh, what could it be?

"Gel Pens!" I yelled, hugging her. "Thank you!"

"Mine next." Bella grabbed a silver box.

I tore off the paper eagerly.

"Do you like them? I made them myself." she said.

"I love them." I assured her.

My next gift was from May.

"Aww, she's so fuzzy! I think I'll call her Pinkie." I hugged the mouse. 

Pinkie actually helped me open Caroline's gift.

"Wow, cool!" I unveiled the present. 

"You always see me practicing sailor's knots," Caroline explained. "so I decided to write a little instruction book so you can tie your own."

Isn't that cool?

"Here you go," Penny handed me an envelope.

Inside was...

…a sweet note and...

"…A $15 gift card for Fudge and Cones!!!!!!!!" I yelled.

"I hoped you'd like it." Penny winked. 

"OK, my turn." Kit brought over her oddly shaped gift.

"Silly putty! Oh, it's so fun to stretch!"

"That's it for us, but you have two left from Grandma and Grandpa and from our owner. Which one do you want to open first?" May asked.
"Grandma and Grandpa's."

They always write such a nice note.

"Mad Libs!" I yelled. They're going to be perfect for traveling.

Then my owner's gift was next. 

I opened up the lid to reveal… 

…A beautiful necklace!

Here's all my awesome gifts.

"Happy Birthday Lottie!"